Artistic Dragon Studios is a team of artists specializing in anime/
manga (Japanese animation/ comic books).

Addie Afable is an illustrator and instructor for character design.  
He does freelance work for clients and conducts live tutorials in
Anime Workshops for libraries and schools.

His wife, Annie, is a concept artist and manages the daily business.
She also models for illustrations.

One of their creative properties is called "All-in Heartbreak". It's a
story about Texas Hold'em poker. The protagonist, Ally Angelhart, is
a character usually drawn in workshops.

They participate in Anime Central, an anime convention in the
midwest, as staff artists.

Also, they are well-known for Chibi Chubbies, caricatures of people
and fictional characters. The word "chibi" means "little” in
Japanese, and a Chibi Chubby is a small yet plump version of us.

If you see Addie and Annie in a convention or at a workshop, they
can make you a Chibi Chubby!