All-in Heartbreak!

Every now and then, destiny likes to play
games. You have dreams and ambitions, but
the hand you're dealt is what you live with.

Ally is a struggling artist paying her tuition
through selling art at anime conventions.
Her career, however, leaves her short on
rent. Reluctantly, she gets involved with
playing Texas Hold 'em during Friday nights
at her apartment building. Being
inexperienced with poker, she quickly
caught on after a series of beginner's luck!

In her first encounters, she was "bleeding"
her chip count, not knowing how to play.
Frustrated with staying up past midnight,
she discovered that gambling all your chips,
to risk losing or multiplying your money, can
end the game in one decisive move.
Ironically, when she called "All-in," she
ended up winning with a good hand, or by
her opponents folding their cards.

By the end of the night, she stared down a
middle-aged poker shark, aptly named Uncle
Jack. With just the two of them left at the
table, she calls every chip Uncle Jack had,
and wins with a flush on a Seven of Hearts
"river card" (the last card played), causing
Uncle Jack to have a heart-attack. He was
fine the next morning, but, from that day
forward, a new legend was born.

Ally was then known in the poker circuit as
the "All-in Heartbreaker!"